Predator ICE

Predator ICE Angel Eyes


Continuing our class and industry leading technological development allowed us to produce the pinnacle of OE Integrated Color Enhancement - ICE for your car.

Class Leading Features

  • Projector based light output module.
  • Low Heat Build-Up.
  • Plug and Play Wiring.
  • Universal Fit (E39, E53, E60, E65, E66, E63, E87) .
  • 6000K Color = PURE WHITE.
  • Less Then 5 Min To install.
  • Why ICE

    The Predator ICET allow you to retain the classy OE headlights while updating their look to the more modern LED-based white light.
    2 Powerful LED Projector Modules, Wiring Adapter, Lifetime warranty, Online Instructions - Linked Install Resources Section, All Hardware and Installation Included


  • E39 - Simple plug and play no headlight removal required.
  • E53 - Simple plug and play no headlight removal required.
  • E60 - Headlights remove via 2 bolts and jigsaw puzzle removal (no bumper removal required) somewhat dificult to install due to tight dimensions.
  • E65 - Similar to E60.
  • Fits All Halogen, Xenon, BiXenon, and Adaptive Xenon Lights

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    Predator ICE

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