BT X55 Slim Hid D2S Kit

BTX-55 AC power Slim HID


A BT X-55w AC power SLIM HID Kit is the perfect kit for any automobile owner that wants all the advantages and state of the art technology of an AC Powered HID without the price.
100% digital with dual processor board make this is an extremely high quality product that has been tried tested and performed beyond our expectations.
Do not be fooled by the Xenon look a likes they are not even close to what true Xenon offer.
This TRUE AC power 55w kit offers 35% more light output then a traditiona DC powered kit and a 300% increase in bulb life.

What makes this kit such a great buy?

This kit is complete plug and play, remove the stock halogen bulb, plug male connectors from kit into the True AC power output fo increased output and bulb life.
stock female headlight connector.
Very simple install anyone can do it!

  • Integrated single-board structure with dual-core digital technology.
  • Constant power (AC), Constant power prolongs the life of the bulbs, eliminates bulbs chromatist (flicker) caused by the ballast to allow high efficiency low bulb temperature for reliable prolonged usage.
  • Variable input voltage intellectual property technology.
  • Fits into existing headlamp or fog light housings.
  • All needed hardware and instructions are provided.
  • BT AC HID Kits come with a 1 year warranty.
  • Temperature ranging from 3000k to 12000k with Xenon option.

What does the kit include?

  • 2 Xenon Bulbs
  • 2 HID Ballasts
  • 2 Xenon Ignitors
  • Detailed online Instructions


We have virtually a kit for every car made, please contact us should you need to verify fitment for your specific application


  • Plug n play harness for virtually any car are available.
  • Temperature ranging from 3000k to 12000k.
  • Continuing the class and industry leading technological development allowed us to produce the pinnacle of Hid/Xenon kit for your car. This kit allow you to retain the classy OEM look but just raise the bar on brightness and provide the captivating powerful OUTPUT you want. SIMPLY THE BEST.

Install Tips

  • Do not touch the glass bulb, use latex gloves, wipe any finger prints with rubbing alcohol.
  • We recommend using a good quality double sided tape to install these.

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BTX55 Hid Kit
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