P46 Projectors
DEPOProjector46 Headlights


Pair of Headlights with Selectable Angel Eyes or Xenons. Complete BMW E46 2 or 4 door Euro headlight assemblies. Headlights have H7 low and high beam capability, daytime running light capable, are PnP™ (plug and play). No need to have your dealer reset to eliminate error on dash unlike the OEM alternative.


  • E46 Coupe
    1999 - 2005 323ci, 328ci, 330ci (E46), Fits E46 M3 (All)
    Complete Headlight replacement for your halogen headlights to HID (Xenon) and Predator™ Angel Eyes. Fits all E46 2 door coupes up to 9/2001 production (MY 2002).
  • E46 Sedan
    Applications: 1999 - 2001 323i/325i/328i/330i Sedan/Touring (E46)
    Complete Headlight replacement for your halogen headlights to HID (Xenon) and Predator™ Angel Eyes Fits all E46 sedans up to 9/2001 production (MY 2002). Will not trigger onboard check systems on the computer, however, testing will be continued to prevent "Headlamp Failure" messages from ever occurring.
  • 1 year warranty on Headlight (does not cover misuse, glass breakage, turn signal holders damage or adjuster knobs)
  • Hid/Xenon
    add our best selling prolumen hid kit, available in 4000k, 5000k or 6000k, comes with the best warranty in the business, from 1 year to a full lifetime warranty!
    Other brands and options are available.
  • PREDATOR Angel Eyes
    Continuing our class and industry leading technological development allowed us to produce the pinnacle of angel eyes for your car. The Predator™ Orion3 allow you to retain the classy OEM look (with OEM Series) of the original halos from the E39 (5-series) but just raise the bar on brightness and provide the captivating powerful halos you want. For those who want the best choose the BT Orion3 the best kit we offer, no cold starts, no ballast they are SIMPLY THE BEST.


  • To stop failure message, pull fuse 32 in glove box.
  • Turn signals must be push in type (not included with coupe purchases - may be purchased from the dealer for $25-40 for the pair) Remove lower trim add-on included with product.
  • Outer plexiglas can be swapped with coupe or sedan headlights (the backs of the headlights are interchangeable)

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DepoProjector46 Headlights
Car Type -
Headlight Version -
Bulbs for High Beams-

Select Angel Eyes -
                                     More Angel eyes info: Predator Orion V2 or Predator Chromium
Predator Angel Eyes -

Add Hid Kit -
                                                    More HID Kits info: German BT  or  UDD   or   Prolumen 50w digital
Standard Low Beams HID/Xenon kit-
Color -
Lifetime Warranty/Low Beams -

Additional Hid Kit For -                                                    

High Beam/Fogs HID/Xenon kit-

Add Clear Corners And Tails -
Clear Corners -
Led Tails -

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