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Black Friday 2019

Depo Hella

Like the standard BMW E36 equipment headlights in europe Depo's are considered to be an excellent alternative..

Bosch ellipsoids

he only viable option for any e36 owner wanting OE headlights right out of the box!!! .


e36 Angel eyes


the best and most successful angel eyes kit ever made now comes with the brightest LED bulbs on the market .

BT x55

The BT X55 AC power SLIM Kit is the perfect kit for any automobile owner that wants all the advantages of HID's without the factory.


This kit is complete plug and play, remove the stock halogen bulb, plug male connectors from kit into the True AC power.


Hid bulbs

Our HID bulbs are available from 3000K all the way to 12000K. The color emitted by an HID Xenon bulb is the result of.



The best sellers on sale like:
e36 Depo + HID sale
e36 HID fogs
P46 headlight sale


This is where you'll find helpfull guides such as the
e36 ellipsoid DIY
HID kit in e36 ellipsoid DIY


All dressed up just like a pagent showing off all your hard work and some of ours.
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About Us

Our commitment to service doesn't stop at the highest quality BMW aftermarket parts and services available. We empower all automotive enthusiasts with the knowledge that they are getting the best possible products, engineered to the highest standards, and service second to none. Read on to see how we fulfill our Mission Statement everyday.
Mission Statement
We are committed to improving overall service quality to the aftermarket automotive community and providing products that fulfill a need or desire for the BMW, Lexus, and other enthusiast automotive markets.

BavToys.com is equally dedicated to:
Supporting customers, distributors, certified installers, and retailers anytime, anywhere
Providing free and updated technical videos and documentation to the aforementioned constituents
Offering quality products at reasonable prices
Providing exceptional customer service anytime, anywhere, to anyone
Contributing to increased knowledge of the aftermarket communities through our service and participation in local, regional, national, and international events
Enhancing the comfort level of each potential buyer
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New Products

Bosch headlight

The only viable option for any e36 owner wanting OE headlights right out of the box!!! brilliant. literally...

twist euro pnp

Low grade plastic headlights on US spec models have sent E36 owners to upgrade their headlight to the euro spec glass projector headlight making these adapters necessary.

Hid bulbs

Made exclusively to our exact specifications our HID bulbs are available from 3000K all the way to 12000K. The color emitted by an HID Xenon bulb is the result of varying the amounts of...



Hid kits

Do not be fooled by the Xenon look a likes they are not even close to what true Xenon offer. True AC power 55w kit...

Angel ballast

These are the parts you need If your demon/angel eyes are no longer under warranty, or were not purchased through us.

e36 Hid fogs

A bolt on replacement fog lights for all E36 3 series. much more affordable then OE price.


Parabolic The light source hits a parabolic reflector that will determine the main focus of the beam. The parabolic reflector with its highly reflective "silvered" or chromed surface. First used in the early 1900s, they have been refined for the last 100 years.
These reflectors feature the shape of a parabola with the light source located at the reflector’s focal point. Moving the light source toward the reflector will spread the light, while moving the source of light away from the reflector will cause the light rays to converge.
The parabolic reflector is most efficient in applications that don’t require sharp cut-offs (such as low-beam light patterns), but allow all of the reflector and lens size to be utilized. Larger parabolic reflectors project more light, making them ideal for applications that aren’t restricted by available installation space.

Free Form or Free Surface
Similar to Parabolic with a clear front lens. The reflector surface and bulb position are optimized by high-performance computers to achieve a correspondingly high light output. Reflector’s surface calculations are point by point to illuminate specific areas of the road. This lighting technology is clearly identified by the crystal clear cover lens that gives the headlamp its unmistakable character. Developed by Hella and used for the first time in series production in 1988, this technique made it possible to achieve excellent beam pattern solely produced by the shape of the reflector - the cover lens with a purely protective function. "Reflector" is a term commonly used to describe both Continue reading....


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